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Working from the Pelican Club from a Lady’s Perspective

Working from the Pelican Club from a Lady’s Perspective

Working from the Pelican Club from a Lady’s Perspective

I have been working from The Pelican Club for the past two years and its so cool. They treat their ladies well and I love the way they run the place. I used to work in an office which I found boring – I contemplated making sex tapes (blue movies) but decided it was too scary for me.

I had heard about The Pelican Club and plucked up the courage to go and meet them. Everyone was so lovely; I decided to go ahead with it. I spent the next few days waxing and plucking and shaving and even braved a bum bleaching session!!!! (Be careful with the gel they give you afterwards - it burnt my bits and delayed my starting day at The Pelican). When I was finally well enough to start I couldn’t believe how well I was treated.

They have staff looking after the new ladies and they helped me with what I was supposed to do, what to wear and how to do my makeup. They made sure all my clients knew I was brand new and they didn’t make me see anyone I didn’t want to see. I can’t believe I am paid to have hot sex with nice men. I spend my spare time driving my old Ford Escort!!

Yes I know it’s not the type of car you would expect me to drive but “Freda” and I have had many adventures together and yes, I have christened the back seat, more than once!!! I now have a job where I earn more money than any of my friends even though I do less hours. I used to be so body conscious and lacking confidence. Now I feel really sexy. I love the fact I can work my own hours and have the flexibility to work days or nights.

All the manageresses and office staff are so supportive and always available to help us girls with any problems. The other thing I like is that all the girls are so friendly. I have made heaps of friends and we often go shopping to the spa together and spoil ourselves with some of the lovely money we earn. I AM A SEXY WOMAN YAY!!!!