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Auckland Brothel is that the political correct term anymore?

Auckland Brothel is that the political correct term anymore?

Auckland Brothel is that the political correct term anymore?

Brothel, Massage Parlour or Escort Agency? What is the difference?

Although the set up may be different, basically the end result is the same! Before the law changed in New Zealand we were all listed under the same heading “Massage Parlour”. The established businesses still refer to themselves Massage Parlours. The more recent smaller places, often run from private houses, sometimes refer to themselves as Escort Agencies. A true Escort Agency does not have premises for clients to visit, the lady visits the client’s house or hotel. The old fashioned term, which has been used throughout the ages, is Brothel. This is the only term that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind what the business is, but is rarely used in New Zealand.

History of Brothels

The first reported mention of the term prostitute was mentioned in Sumerian records 2400 years BC and was a brothel operated by Sumerian priests in the city of Uruk. The word Brothel comes from the French word “bordel” that comes from the German word bord that means “board” that as used to explain the small shacks made out of boards where brothels operated from.

Brothel legal status.

The image below shows the counties in green that have legalised prostitution.

Brothels are called a number of names across the world including bordello, cathouse, house of ill repute, house of prostitution, strippy, knocking shop, pleasure house, strumpet house, sporting house, or whorehouse. Under English law, a brothel is commonly referred to as a "disorderly house". Further reading on the history of brothels can be found here