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Working as a Escort in Auckland at The pelican Club

Working as a Escort in Auckland at The pelican Club


We understand how hard it is, in these times, to find enough hours to work, let alone be well paid for the hours you do!! Our system enables our ladies to text in at very short notice and jump on shift whenever they have a few hours free. Some ladies only work a few hours a week and others want full time hours.

Our lovely manageresses are very experienced with ladies who are entering the industry for the first time as a Escort. We have a lot of regular clients who have been using our services for many years. We screen our clients very carefully for our new ladies and make sure their transition into the industry is a smooth and happy one.

The Pelican Club will never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. Everyone has their limitations and we respect that.

This really is a brilliant way of fitting flexible work around your children, studies or full time work. You can work whatever hours you have available. You will be paid $120 per hour for the clients you see and in many cases more than that.

There is no reason to struggle any longer. Give Lyn a call and have a chat. She will give you all the info and you can put an end to your money problems forever!!!


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