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Working as a Escort at the Pelican Club in Auckland

Working as a Escort at the Pelican Club in Auckland

I live in Bucklands Beach with my best friend. I am 20 and have trained to be a beautician. My best friend started working at The Pelican Club a few months ago. She didn’t tell me to start with but she started spending a lot of money when we went shopping, getting her hair done and buying all this jewellery.

When she told me where she got all her money from I decided to give it a go. I started part time and then gave up my other job and went full time. It’s great because my friend takes me to work in her old Ford Escort so we can work together.

We have so much fun at work with all the other girls, the music is great and we get paid to have lots of good sex. I was scared when I first started but there was nothing to be scared of, we both really love what we do. I am saving to buy a Ford Escort the same as my friend but I want a pink one!! Can’t wait!

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