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Working as a Escort in Auckland at The pelican Club

We understand how hard it is, in these times, to find enough hours to work, let alone be well paid for the hours you do!! Our system enables our ladies to text in at very short notice and jump on shift whenever they have a few hours free. Some ladies only work a few hours a week and others want full time hours. Our lovely manageresses are very experienced with ladies who are entering... view details

A warm welcome from Auckland, New Zealand to all overseas visitors!!!

LOOKING FOR FUN AND ADVENTURE IN BEAUTIFUL AUCKLAND?? WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED ROARING WITH THE LIONS COME PURR WITH THE PUSSYCATS!!! We know you're coming to Auckland to see the "Lions" but don't limit yourself to one "Feline"!! Allow us to introduce you to our sexy "Pussy" Cats!! As Auckland’s premier Massage Parlour and Escort Agency (or maybe you use the term “knocking shop” or “brothel” in ... view details

Definition of GFE (Girlfriend Experience) Offered at The Pelican Club

Definition of GFE (Girlfriend Experience) Offered at The Pelican Club If you would like a “no strings attached girlfriend” for an hour, a day, a week or long term, look no further than The Pelican Club. Many of our ladies offer this unique service and would love to spend time with you, either at our premises at 101 Newton Road, or at your home or hotel. You can exp... view details


We are really excited that we can offer accommodation to travelers or anyone who needs it. This can be organized on a short or long term basis. view details

Reasons Married Men Use Escort Agencies

Instead of condemning husbands for using Escort Agencies and Prostitutes, I think married men who use these services, should be congratulated. Everybody has “needs” and if they are not being met, for whatever reason. It makes sense to use a professional place like The Pelican Club where they can have fun, satisfy their urges and leave with no strings attached. There are many reasons ... view details

Working as a Escort at the Pelican Club in Auckland

I live in Bucklands Beach with my best friend. I am 20 and have trained to be a beautician. My best friend started working at The Pelican Club a few months ago. She didn’t tell me to start with but she started spending a lot of money when we went shopping, getting her hair done and buying all this jewellery. When she told me where she got all her money from I decided ... view details

Working from the Pelican Club from a Lady’s Perspective

I have been working from The Pelican Club for the past two years and its so cool. They treat their ladies well and I love the way they run the place. I used to work in an office which I found boring – I contemplated making sex tapes (blue movies) but decided it was too scary for me. I had heard about The Pelican Club and plucked up the courage to go and meet them. Everyone was so lovely... view details

Christmas Holidays at the Pelican Club

Please note we are closed Christmas day but open Christmas Eve til late and back to normal Boxing Day from 10am. view details

Auckland’s premier Brothel and Escort Agency nears Twenty one years

Auckland’s premier Brothel and Escort Agency nears Twenty one years Roy and Lyn are proud to belong to the oldest family in New Zealand, operating in the sex industry, dating back to the early 1970’s. When they were children their Father opened The Japanese Bathhouse in Emily Place, Auckland City. Over the following 47 years the family went on to own several Massage Parlours and Escort A... view details

Sex Lessons

Sex Lessons Have you always wished you could learn all there is to know about the mysteries of the opposite sex??? We have three experienced ladies who would love to teach you how to make a woman happy. These three women are available at different times through the week but usually work all together on Saturday during the day. Why not let one, two or all three of these ... view details

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