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I have worked from The Pelican Club as an escort for many years.Eight years ago I worked in a shop for minimum wage.I worked late nights and long hours to make enough money to barely survive.The best thing I ever did was become an escort at The Pelican Club.I tried another Escort Agency first and nearly got put off.They treated their escorts badly and it was so quiet I hardly got any work.I decided to try one more place before I gave up and luckily it was The Pelican Club.I have never looked back.The place is clean, busy, well run, has great management, and the other escorts are really nice and we all get on well.The best thing of all is they are really busy and all the escorts are in great demand.I work 3 nights per week and make 3 times more than I did working 45 hours in the shop.As an escort I love getting dressed up, socializing with all the other escorts and having fun.I can hardly believe we get $150 per hour and we have such a good time.The other thing I like about The Pelican Club is the way they look after all the escorts.We are all treated with respect and looked after really well.When new ladies start they have a very good process for easing the escorts into the industry slowly.That shows a lot about the type of Massage Parlour/Escort Agency The Pelican Club is. We hear so many negative things about other places.I just can’t believe my luck that I’ve found the very best place to work from.


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